9 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Make Use of a Multi-Level Faucet Spray

Modern faucet systems include options for higher-intensity spray. When you have hard-to-clean pots and pans, a scrub brush and a high-pressure jet of water can be exactly what you need. Faucets like the Artec Pro™ offer a pre-rinse sprayer to clean your toughest messes faster. When it isn't needed, you can use a gentler flow with these more precise faucet options.

Use Double Basins for Washing and Rinsing

Washing dishes by hand can use a lot of water. Instead of letting the water run, stop up one side of your double-basin sink and fill with rinse water. You can then stop up the other side full of hot, sudsy water. You'll use only two basins worth of water, rather than running hot water between dishes. If you have many dishes to clean, simply release the stopper and then refill the rinse water for the second round of dishes.